Monday, June 2, 2014


If you know me, you know how big family is to me. I am extremely close to my Mom's side (The Jackson's) and cherish each and every moment made with all of my family members, though it goes beyond that. My heart is to do life together, sit around the table and catch up with each other, dive in to the truth of who we are and our dreams, goals, aspirations, etc. I have recently stumbled across a blog called; "IF: Table" - words don't even do justice of how excited I am about this! You can find details here and here. But I am taking it a step farther and starting "IF:Table" here at my apartment (email me, if you need the address) with hopes of it growing ... so I'm inviting you to join me! Yes, YOU. I'm hosting a early dinner on Sunday July 13th at 430pm. Please won't you pull a chair up to the table with me and enjoy a evening of girl talk, laughter, and gaining insight from other ladies. No need to bring anything but yourself, your smile, and maybe a journal and camera if you want to record things from the night. So excited to have YOU join me!

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