Saturday, May 14, 2016

New Season

Life is meant to be celebrated, documented, and enjoyed. I have had every intention of keeping up with this blog but reality is life got in the way. New goals, and dreams are at the fore-front of my mind and this is also a goal to keep up on this blog. I want the loved ones in my life to be able to read how life was for me.
The last 9.5 months of my life have been everything that my heart has desired for years. My heart is singing joyous tunes at this new season of life and journey has me on.
I met a fantastic man online and words don't even begin to express the silliness, joy and fun that we have together. Never in a million years did I imagine that one silly email would end up in 9.5 months with hopes/plans of several more years of joy and laughter.

Our First Date 07/10/2015 Mall of America Dicks Last Resort
Don't get me wrong now, our relationship is not all sunshine and bright vivid flowers, though, one thing is for sure its our relationship. We have made a choice to love unconditionally. To love no matter what with no strings attached. Honestly I think this is why we are able to have such a large smile so often. Love truly does not keep a record of wrong doing but rather rejoices in all circumstances.
In the last 9.5 months I have learned how to love, to be loved, and more than anything who I am. So thankful for all you do and how big you love Shane. Love you to the moon and back! Thanks for all the fun memories, inside jokes, laughter and so much more that you have brought to our relationship. I couldn't imagine it any other way.

Hastings Mississippi River 05/13/2016
One of my favorite memories together is just walking aimlessly outside enjoying the fresh air and scenes around us.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Twins Game - Girls Night

My friend Kristen works for the Pohlads and she was able to get tickets to the Brewer/Twins' game last night. There was four of us ladies that went. Let me tell you I forgot how fun it is to just unwind, sit back and enjoy the company of girlfriends. Chit Chatting about life, kids, boys ;), and cheering for the Hometown team (or possibly the Brewers' at one point, haha, sorry Kristen I had to!) The Twins ended up w/ a fantastic game and a win for the books! The final score was 6-4 .
Section 106 Row 13 (Fantastic Seats!) Thank you Kristen!  Photo Credit Kristen M.

Watching the Boys of the Summer! (Photo Credit Hannah J)

E,mma, Kristen, and I
 Even though we don't know each other super well yet, I'm so thankful for these ladies! Kristen & I met in the most random way. I had posted something on Instagram and she commented on it. (who says hastags aren't useful, if I hadn't posted #projectlife & #cultivateagoodlifeandrecordit chances are Kristen would've never seen my instgram post ;) .... ) This was only to find that the two of us both enjoy Project Life, go to the same Church and live w/ in 20-30 minutes of each other! It's been so fun getting to know each other from our Proj. Life nights and also random chats. Looking forward to our girls weekend at the Lake to do Project Life and other random crafts.
Selfie # 1 of the night (photo credit Hannah J)
Love my boys! I could sit in this stadium for hours on end & watch the Twins play
Oh ya' know just another selfie! ha- ha , of the opposite view.

Thanks Girls for a fun night, even if the four of us were 1/2 asleep on the light rail back to the MOA (either we're getting old  or we are just always on the go so get worn out ... I vote the second even though it may or may not be true :) ) ... I vote we do another girls night soon!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014


If there is one word to describe what I'm learning right now is peace. To find peace in ALL circumstances. To find peace in the mundane, the large, the small and all relationships. Peace. No more ways to describe it than just that. I'm thankful for a few leaders in my life today who I was able to talk with and be challenged by.  How do you find peace? How do you find joy in the midst of questions?
Eagle that I saw in Cumberland, WI over Memorial Day 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014


If you know me, you know how big family is to me. I am extremely close to my Mom's side (The Jackson's) and cherish each and every moment made with all of my family members, though it goes beyond that. My heart is to do life together, sit around the table and catch up with each other, dive in to the truth of who we are and our dreams, goals, aspirations, etc. I have recently stumbled across a blog called; "IF: Table" - words don't even do justice of how excited I am about this! You can find details here and here. But I am taking it a step farther and starting "IF:Table" here at my apartment (email me, if you need the address) with hopes of it growing ... so I'm inviting you to join me! Yes, YOU. I'm hosting a early dinner on Sunday July 13th at 430pm. Please won't you pull a chair up to the table with me and enjoy a evening of girl talk, laughter, and gaining insight from other ladies. No need to bring anything but yourself, your smile, and maybe a journal and camera if you want to record things from the night. So excited to have YOU join me!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

First Post

I am creating this blog to document the life that I am creating, picking, and living. Life is meant to be celebrated and I figure there's not a better way to document than a blog ... I will post every day life, challenges, desires, dreams, goals, inspiration, DIY, etc ... I'm excited to share a part of me with you! Enjoy your evening!